Thursday, March 22, 2007

LilSnow Kids Design - My first 3 dresses

Woot! Snow finally make my own blog. I am sooo happy! Let me place out what I designed here.

My First Dress... Plaid Doll

This is my first dress, the skirt is flexi. It is soo cute when I dress this then run & skip hehehe. I just start using Photoshop so my dress pattern is not too good but in far view it is soo cute.

Dress Colour?
Red/ Purple/ Pink/ Blue

How much?
- $100 L each (modify/ Transfer)
- $300L for package of all (No transfer)

My First Flowergirl Dress.... Abigtail

Woot Snow like to be Flowergal. Look at this! My photoshop skill improve a bit! This dress with 4 flexi Layers (3 satin layer & 1 lace layer) & a cute back ribbon. You can even dress this when you go to party or your aunti's wedding! Look at the glove, there is a very cute prim little Ribbon.

Dress Colour?
White/ blue/ pink/ purple

How Much?
$300L each (transfer only)

My Second Flowergirl Dress ... LSKids Adrienne Flowergal

Woa this is my 2nd Flowergirl dress! I will be a flowergirl in my Aunti Puddy wedding!! Her wedding colour is Champagne, So I design this in chmpagne colour. Just touch the picture & you will see the detail of this dress. This Prim skirt have a solid colour satin base & then have few lace layers above. & yes this is a flexi dress. I love ribbon, So I make a big prim ribbon at the left front part. At the back, to match the ribbon texture of the upper part, I make a tie like ribbon. On the shoulder, you will see a little prim ribbon tieing on each shoulder.

What Colour? Champagne .... more colour coming soon !

How Much? $325L (transfer only)

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